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Jamie Walden was born and raised in the Quad Cities (Moline, IL) along the Mississippi River.  His father (A Firefighter/ Paramedic) and mother (homemaker/ college administrator) raised Jamie and his two siblings in an authentic, biblically rich home.  Through harrowing trials and tribulations within the Walden family, Jamie was presented the steadfast, eternally-true power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the faithfulness of the Word of the Lord.   

Imbued with matchless passion for all things “adventurous” and “fun”, Jamie’s teen years were filled with significant tumult (injuries, arrests, and choices of near life-long consequence).  However, amid the rebellion and ruckus, Jamie continually endeavored to one day earn the title, “U.S. Marine”.  After being nominated to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomacy in Washington, D.C., where he subsequently secured a nomination to the US Naval Academy, Jamie made the determination to simply enlist in the Marine Corps Infantry and achieve his childhood dream.

Jamie’s Marine Corps career was pivotal in his development both as a leader, and what would later be refined into unfettered zeal for the Kingdom of God.  Intensive training across a wide spectrum of disciplines served to equip Jamie and his unit to achieve overwhelming victory on the March to Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

After leaving the Marines Corps, Jamie obtained a double major B.S. in Law Enforcement and History.  However, it was also during this same period of time that the Holy Spirit began a radical unveiling of both Jamie’s contemptuous standing before the Holy Lord and the New Life offered for the forgiveness of sins in His Son, Jesus Christ.  In unconditional surrender, a concept all but inconceivable to Jamie, he forever yielded his will to the Mission and leading of his Savior.

Shortly thereafter (2007), Jamie met and married the companion and love of his life, Virginia, and went on to have three wonderful children.  Pursuing a career in Federal Law Enforcement, Jamie was selected as an Intern for the United States Marshals Service, and subsequent recruitment to a “Three Letter” agency.  It was then, when Jamie received “the call”, that the Lord began testing and affirming the genuineness of his faith.  In what began with “DO NOT TAKE THAT JOB,” the Lord initiated a succession of intimate, often painful, promptings that directed Jamie’s steps to life of service to the Kingdom.  Much faith would be required.

From there Jamie entered a time of reduction and refinement at the hands of the Lord.  Over the next 10 years he became a Police Officer, returned to school to acquire licensure as a Paramedic Specialists, thereby later shifting his career into the Fire Service/Paramedic/Technical Rescue.  His unique “behind the curtain” involvements led to an insatiable appetite for the Truth contained within the Word of the Lord and its prophetic significance in this day and time. 

After again returning to Iraq in 2014 to serve the Christians suffering under the savage campaign of ISIS, Jamie and Virginia were compelled to surrender their paradigm and follow the Lord into full-time ministry.  They and their 3 children were on mission in the Dominican Republic serving at a Therapeutic Boarding School for two years before returning to the Unites States.

Jamie’s experiences, tenacious pursuit of Truth, and zeal for Christ Jesus have forged powerfully refreshing insights for today’s Christian Church.  Impassioned by both a love for the freedom offered through Christ and convergent biblical prophecy, Jamie endeavors tirelessly to strengthen, equip, and challenge a “Warrior Class” of Christians to arise and take their places as Victors in this generation!

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