Never, never, NEVER have I experienced a wicked, demonic, supernatural force as great as I did last night (8/12/19)! It has given a context to the nature of our warfare that is FAR BEYOND anything most of us are engaging.

I have had to wage war against “evil” men with literal guns; I’ve combated an entire witches’ coven that “astral-projected” into my bed room in the middle of the night; through Christ in me, I’ve had to slay a high-ranking Authority that came against me in the spirit. Additionally, I have had encounter after encounter of evil presenting itself through men and women who are given over to the powers of darkness. However, absolutely NOTHING has ever occurred like what did last night!

A couple hours after completing and interview with David Heavener {} I was preparing to go to bed with my wife when I notice I had received an email. I jokingly began to read the email out loud right away because I could tell it was going to be “one of those” types of messages. It was from a woman and stated how she had a “prophetic word just for me”. It went on (in all bold, upper case letters) to state that she was currently standing on the moon as a “high goddess” of blah, blah, blah and blah, blah with a mixture of using YHWH and Yeshua Hamashiach and the blood of Christ to give some sort of spiritual overtone. It was strange and incoherent.

Attached to the email were several photographs of what looked like the sunset that was transitioning into the moon with clouds masking its light. As I stood there in my underwear scrolling through these 5 or 6 pictures in rapid succession the greatest manifestation of pure Evil I have ever experienced to date occurred!

All of this occurred in an instant: As I scrolled through the photos, 1, 2, 3, 4…5, an image too demonic and evil to even describe manifest, morphed and came alive, came out of the screen of my phone, and shot through my body with the most indescribable force! It came at with such power, I thought I was going to be knocked off my feet... my phone was thrown across the room!

The most intense, horrifying, awful, fearful dread ceased my every faculty! What it did to my heart and body I cannot even begin to describe. It was as if every ne